Galerie de noir simply means gallery black.
Black is a strong and distinctive color.
It does not blend with other colors and stood out on its
own even from far.
That is exactly how we define our store.
It is unique, outstanding and anything but ordinary.
Galerie de noir came about from a partnership between
two shopaholics.
We believe that accessorizing is key to complete every
outfit and is the essence to fashion.
A dress may be timeless, but can it be versatile at the
same time?
In Galerie de noir, we believe we can achieve just that.
With a little bit of creativity, one can turn that timeless
dress into many different styles.
Women nowadays need to hold many different faces to
meet society demands.
She may need to be sassy at one time, or classy at another time.
She may even need to show a dark side of hers at times when needed.
Accessories allow everyone to inject a stronger sense of
style into every outfit and
to shine one's personality even brighter.
It gives the extra 'oomph' to every outfit.
We believe accessories should be every woman's heart to fashion.
Thus, our mission is to bring a piece of 'fabulosity' to
every fashionistas
to bring out their best at all times.